Price list

Price list

The price of the tattoo depends on the size, complexity of the chosen motive, amount of colour used and time, spent both by creating the picture as well as tattooing itself. We can estimate the actual price after you tell or show us what you would like.

The price usually starts at 50€ and if we talk about smaller design it won´t exceed 150€. With middle sized and more complicated designs the sum usually isn´t higher than 350€. As for large and highly elaborated designs, (whole arm, leg, back) where more sessions are be necessary, teh artist will estimate a final price and you will pay a part of it on each appointment separately, depending on the time spent and work done. Since the motive will be created continually and might change, so might the price estimate.

When making a tattoo appointment we charge a 50 € deposit (small tattoos, 100 € in case of bigger and more complex tattoos), which will be deducted from the final price at the end of the session.

The price of piercing

piercing (all kinds of piercing- ears, nose, navel, tongue, lip) 50 €

surface piercing from 60€
mikrodermal 60 €
industrial 60€
bridge 60€
intim piercing from 100 €
stretching earlobes  20 € + price for jewelry

punching earlobes (max. 8 mm) from 60 €

The price includes jewellery. We use only titanium or bioplastic jewellery. All our jewellery is new and never used. Shortening or exchange of jewellery is free of charge (if you have your piercing done in our studio, if not the price is 10€ ) 

We also sell gift vouchers for all types of body piercings in our studio, with which you can delight yourself or near relations. For more information please contact us!

The listed prices are for basic type of jewels (circular barbels, barbels, labrets,..) in silver color. If you want it in gold or black color its plus 3€ 

The price of Body-mods

We determine the price of body modifications and scarification individually.

For implants, it also depends on the price of the implant itself = €180 + the price of the implant

A subdermal chip implant costs €80 (the kind that is inserted under the skin using a syringe) and €120 (it is done like a classic subdermal implant)

We do tongue split for €350

The price of scarification depends on the complexity and size of the motives , and therefore on the time required to create it.

It ranges from €50

Suspension workshop: 80€

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