For most of initial piercings, we will use linger jewelry. 
This is due to the initial swelling that can come.
When the swelling comes down, the jewelry becomes often
too long and can do more harm than good.
Besides the risk of snagging (for example, on clothing or hair),
excessive movement can cause irritation (which can lead to hypertrophic scarring)
or even change the angle of the piercin /migration

Downsizing is an important  step in the proper healing of a piercing
and should not be underestimated! The appropriate time for downsizing depends
on the type of piercing. For some piercings it may not even be necessary.
During your piercing appointment, we will inform you individually,
whether and when it is good to come. It usually takes about 2-3 months after the piercing.
And after this time it is best to schedule an appointment,
where we will check your piercing and determine if downsizing is needed or not :)

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