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Hair style

Afro hair styles are becoming more popular even in our region. What used to be a small subculture privilege is now trendy and modern hairdo. There are lot of hair salons, but dreadlocks and rasta braids from our salon are the best. Valeria is quite dedicated and she’s been doing hair for about 6 years. She’s attended courses fro afro braids and dreadlocks. Apart from dreadlocks and pseudo locks, Valeria also makes rasta braids, micro rasta and open rasta.


Your hair needs to be at least 10cm long and the process takes from 5 to 11 hours. Dreads can be a little more diffucult to maintain than normal hair and you will need to take special care of them. The professional repairs are needed (crocheting) and we offer you a complete care of your desired hairstyle.


These are perfect for people who dont want permanent locks. Your hair needs to be at least 8cm long and the style will last for about 3 to 4 months. Kanekalon (synthetic hair) is shaped into a dreadlock of your desired lenght and then attached to your natural hair. The plus side is a vast choice of colors.


Dreadlocks really require regular maintenance. We recommend a regular correction by crocheting to all our customers. This usually takes 1 to 3 hours, depending on the state of dreadlocks.


Your hair needs to be 10cm long, you pick a color and lenght and your hair style is ready in about 7 to 11 hours. The braids can last up to 4 months and there is a wide choice of Kanekalon colors.


These braids are not fully braided and have open ends. We use special Kanekalon and the braids last up to 5 months. The process takes about 7 to 9 hours and is considered as more gentle and economical way of hair extentions, plus there is a really wide choice of hair color.


These braids are from Kanekalon and it usually takes 2 days to make 300-400 braids. Your hair needs to be 7cm long. We dont recommend wearing them for more than 5 months. As with all Kanekalon styles, you can chose from a great range of colors.

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